Research teams in the Department

Calcium homeostasis group is investigating the intracellular calcium concentration of cells and tissues, proteins play role in the excitation contraction coupling of muscles in physiological and pathological conditions.

Moleular physiology group explore the role of vanilloid receptors, tranzient receptor potential channels and endocannabinoid system in cell processes.

Neurobiology group is investigating the midbrain neuromodular mechanizms.

Cell biochemistry group carries out functional measurements on isolated cell-proteins.

Cardiac-elecktrophysiology group invstrigates the elecktrophysiological properties of cardiac myocyte in physiological and pathological circumstances.




The research groups in the Department of Physiology are connected to the Research Centre for Molecular Medicine at University of Debrecen.

Services in the Department of Physiology

Functional imaging laboratory

Tissue enbending laboratory

High throughput calcium imaging laboratory

Electrophysiology laboratory

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